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Ecology and Ecomanagement (Bachelor)

Training of specialists in the field of knowledge
10 Natural sciences;
educational degree Bachelor;
in the specialty 101 Ecology;
and the educational program Ecology and eco-management






























































































































































The list of professional subjects studied by students of the "Ecology and Ecomanagement" educational program:

  1. Engineering environmental protection

  2. Biology

  3. Informatics and systematology

  4. Biogeochemistry

  5. Basics of resource conservation and balanced nature management

  6. Meteorology and climatology

  7. Pedology

  8. Protected business

  9. Human ecology

  10.  Landscape ecology

  11.  Environmental safety

  12.  Biotransformation of organic substances in living organisms

  13.  Methods for measuring environmental parameters

  14.  Organic compounds of the environment

  15.  Radio ecology

  16.  Economics of nature use

  17.  Normalization of anthropogenic load on the natural environment

  18.  Urboecology

  19.  Organization and management in environmental protection activities

  20.  Geology with the basics of geomorphology

  21.  Hydrology

  22.  Chemistry with the basics of biogeochemistry

  23.  Technoecology

  24.  Environmental expertise

  25.  Environmental protection legislation and environmental law

  26.  Ecology of food production

  27.  Fundamentals of environmental toxicology

  28.  Environmental monitoring

  29.  Environmental modeling and forecasting

  30.  Analytical methods of environmental control

  31.  Physico-chemical foundations of ecological technologies

  32.  Microbiological foundations of environmental technologies

  33.  Environmental protection technologies and equipment

  34.  Technological calculations and reporting in environmental protection activities

  35.  Complex processing of secondary material resources

  36.  Standardization and certification in environmental protection activities

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